The art of keeping a secret is a long-held practice, from schoolgirl crushes to secret loves. With Omerta, secret-keeping IS the art. Created by Anthony Dreyer in Los Angeles, Omerta was born by the desire to regain a little privacy in our always-on-display lives. The line was developed with the intention to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that didn't just look great, but gave the wearer the power of keeping a secret. Want to give your love a heart-felt expression? Pass on a little something to your best frenemy? Only you will know. Secrets and codes are nice, but they're made even better when they're created with diamonds and pearls! Omerta is made to wear alone or layered to tell your own unique story. Each piece of Omerta jewelry is hand-made in Los Angeles.

Anthony’s pieces have been worn by Hollywood’s A-list and featured in countless editorials and fashion blogs including Elle, Seventeen, t-files, and Lucky.